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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Just took the G out of Blooming June

Bloomin RAIN again! I really must complain to him up there or wherever s/he is, this rain is bad for business. No car boots mean that obtaining stock becomes a problem (much like during the winter months). I had really hoped to go from 350 items to around 500 items this summer in my ebay shop - but not to be. Also I suspect there are more little traders, like me, around now so lots of competition. Not that I'm trying to put anyone off but just be prepared. Actually I don't see a problem with competition in this trade as we all find different things. Maybe there's just not a lot of vintagey item left in the world, so that's causing the struggle, but I doubt it.

For a few years the older traders ie pre ebay days, complained that ebay was forcing the market down as they were getting less money for their wares. Well I'm not an 'oldey' trader so I wouldn't know about that but with the economy as it is, I do believe more families are seeking an extra income and they can now sell so easily online, as well as holding down a full time job. I don't blame them either, I would do the same to keep my head above water. In my day you had a full time job plus a little cleaning job to top your income up. Anyway, I'm rambling but basically I think the whole economic market's difficulties are being felt by us little people. Bills forever increasing, but not so with the incomes. It's ok for the few millionaires dodging their tax payments, they do not and will never understand the meaning of economical struggling. To the normal little person £5 is a lot of money. If I made this amount in profit for every sale I'd be happy. The richer don't even think is such little numbers. So, my purpose of this rhetoric is that building up stock, finding unique pieces, fantastic customer service is all ultra important in this business of vintage e-commerce to make that little bit of profit. My sales stats are ok but could be better. I suspect we're all in pretty much the same boat.

So bring out the SUNSHINE so those lovely people hording old things in their attic can come out to play. Plus the sun makes us feel happier and smile more. You lucky people living in the sun & heat all the time probably don't notice how happy you are every day. Come to the gloomy UK and you'll soon feel the misery of grey skies and cold air.

As usual I'm having a good moan in my update to the world. One day I'll come to update this blog and I may have made loads o money and then I'll have a happy tone in my words. Actually I am happy with life - this job beats working in an office, in a city 9-5, any day. Done that, been there, got the leaving pressy! Signing out for June seeya soon .....

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