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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Carlton Ware Pottery History

Whehey - I'm back. Haven't been able to sign in to my blog for reasons beyond my technical understanding. Anyway it's POTTERY HISTORY time as follows

*1890 - Carlton Ware began as Wiltshaw and Robinson & owned by the same family for 75 years.
*Early products Victorian Blush Ware and at the turn of the century Crested Ware. 
*Brightly coloured lustre ware fired at a lower temperature and more economical than true lustre ware, called ‘lustrous’ with Royale range: Bleu (Blue), Rouge (Red), Vert (Green) and Noire (Black).
*1960s - taken over by Arthur Woods 
*1970's - Walking Ware range introduced
*1990s went into receivership
*carlton ware backstamp information found here - as well as a more comprehensive history

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