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Friday, 24 February 2012

Hippip Hurray is nearly car booty time

Thank goodness March is around the corner and the car boots will be running - why? I hear you say - cos it's just so much fun scrummaging (is that a made up word!) around. I'm going to my last Antique Fair this weekend, until winter is upon us again. Profits are so low from items I buy in winter. Plus as I said in earlier blogs, I desperately need to stock up.

Also last month of tax year and looking at my forcast I'm not up much on last year. Ok so we're in the middle of a recession and what else can we retailers expect. We have to keep on plugging our wares though as we all have bills to pay and have you seen the latest energy bills!!!!! Wow someone somewhere must be making a pretty packet on our need of gas, electric & water, to survive. Doesn't give me much faith in our so called government I'm afraid. Then again I voted for Gordon Brown and I still believe he would have got us out of this mess better. There was a man who couldn't give a toss about media until he was reminded he had to. Whoa I digress!

I also made another big decision in the month of February - I'm not going to spend as much labour time on my e-commerce website because all that I do just does not seem to bring in those sales. I'm still only Level 1 on Google search so what the h... Ebay seems to be my bread earner, for all it's adverse rules & regulations & policies. Oh and another probs I'm noticing on the freebie sites, we now have to put in these new MPN & EAN numbers and of course we in the vintage & antique line don't possess such information. I did apply to have my website allowed leeway in this and was granted such, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I'm still being informed by the freebie sites that they cannot list my goodies on google as I don't have this & that in my listing. Somehow this doesn't seem to affect my ebay listings so I'm staying with them.

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