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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February a time for Business Plan

January has been a pretty good month on ebay so no moaning there. However, watching the snow fall I find myself pondering on how I can improve my business this year. Not only is it the beginning of a year but it will be the beginning of a Financial Year shortly. So, to the planning board.

I am definitely short of stock. I actually started the Winter on low stock so it was my own fault really. I honestly believe in my trade that the more stock you have the more you will sell and thus the more you will make. Well, anyway that's my Motto. With Car Boots just around the corner I eagerly await to whizz around them. We've been attending Antique Fairs all winter and not many sell to trade so it's hard on us. They want the Collectors as much we do. I have run a couple of stalls at the Antique Fairs myself but with such a limited audience of 'passers by' only, I soon gave up with that one. So onwards and forwards.  I have a good plan that around every fortnight I will attend a huge antique car boot in York and then go on to Bridlington by the sea side to stay in son's house overnight. Then finish off on the Sunday with a huge sea side Car Boot. All I need now is the cash. I must say I'm quite looking forward to doing this throughout the summer. No pennies for holidays this year so a few nights by the sea with my favourite pastime shoud do the trick.

I'm still spreading my wings with all the freebie shops though none seem to be benefiting me. Nor has the Twitter or Facebook page as of yet. For those of you from across the pond in the US, I am just about to open a Ruby Plaza shop, once they have approved it. So we'll see what that may reap.

My Australian customers are remaining faithful with their constant stream of orders and just sent to Thailand for the first time. Japan is probs the next best country for my trade and of course, a few throughout Europe.

By the way, the category for dresses has proved successful. I love it as I get to buy new stock of vintage style dresses and even though they're not for me, I love shopping for them. Jewellery being the complete opposite though. This really hasn't taken off with only a couple of sales. I'll keep plugging for now but may get rid in summer.

On a negative note - of course I had to have one - studying my forcast I think I will only just do a little better than last years income. On the good side it isn't down - well not yet anyway but still a couple of months to go.

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