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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why Vintage???

Well - why did I decide to sell vintage items in the first place? I certainly don't and never had enough money to have ever been a Collector of anything let alone furnish my home with beautiful antiques. Infact prior to this business I was a cafe owner. But ... I always liked olde worlde things. I'm the sort of person who would purchase an old house as opposed to a modern new build. Character I think is the key word. For some facinating reason old things just seem to have a character and new things just seem dull. An expensive shiny, posh new Royal Doulton dinner service just wouldn't have the same feel as a vintage or antique one. I would be imagining who had eaten off the older plate. Thinking about its previous owners. Silly things like that. Basically I have respect for old things because they've managed to survive however long.

Now I'm going to contradict all the first paragraph and tell you that although I've started to sell vintage style clothing and jewellery - these items only have a vintage look - they are actually new. My ceramics are my main domain of olde worlde. No way would I ever want to sell modern ceramics. I find it quite a challenge to seek vintage type dresses and vintage type jewellery. Maybe as I get richer - oh how I wish - I might afford to purchase real vintage jewellery that some aristocratic lady has adorned around her personage. For now however, it's all modern stuff with vintage look about it. I'm really enjoying my 2 new lines of clothing and jewellery. Because it's not just your normal bog standard clothing so it's quite challenging rummaging around for articles. The jewellery, though I hate to confess, is purchased from a wholesale manufacturer - - - oh those words sound sooooo modern 'wholesale' & 'manufacturer'. Well, at the end of the day I'm just an ordinary business woman who has to find her stock the most efficient way I can.

So - now you know I not only love rummaging around in the dust but I also love anything old and dusty. Which leads me on to the subject matter of my business. I'm hoping to teach myself how to put photos of my stock on this blog. However, patience is needed for all you young and fast people out there. Not that I'm very, very old but this techy thing takes time to sink into my brain cells before I know what to do. So far my blog has been a long labourious rambling of words. So I need colour and piccys. It is a lonely path blog writing cos you wonder if you're actually just talking away to yourself. Perhaps you can pop into my e-shop and send me some comments - good or bad, I welcome all feedback. Back again soon. 

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