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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

my very first picture on my very first blog

Ok - I know I've already posted a blog item today - but this is a bonus - whehey I managed to add a piccy!!! This lovely item is the latest addition to my shop. A large breakfast cup & saucer duo produced by Portmeirion, English Staffordshire Pottery. There are a few Collectors out there seeking Portmeirion but, unless it's a special item, they don't reap much in the way of profit. However, we can't afford to have our shop full of instant money makers to we add a variety of Collectable vintage items.

PORTMEIRION - BRIEF HISTORY - January 1st a designer named Susan William-Ellis & her husband take over Grays Pottery. In 1961 they also take over another potters Kirkhams Ltd. Janary 1st 1962 the company is renamed Portmeirion Pottery Ltd. The business continues to expad with such names as 'Magic City' & 'Botanic Garden' ranges. 1977 experienced a fire at the pottery. The 1960s saw the backstamp as reading '"PORTMEIRION DESIGNED BY SUSAN WILLIAMS-ELLIS MADE IN ENGLAND". 1970s backstamp started to include "DISHWASHER PROOF" and "FREEZER AND MICROWAVE SAFE". The 1980s saw new ranges such as 'Pomona' and 'Romantic Shape' and also a British Heritage collection. 1980s sees the business floating on 'the market' thus becoming Portmeirion Potteries Holdings (PLC) which goes on to purchase Sylvac potteries. 1990s sees the introduction of china. A fantastic source of information on history and backstamps, can be found at

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