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Sunday, 21 August 2011

New to Blogging

Ok - I'm starting up a blogger as I understand that's the way forward for my online store. Create something chatty and interesting about my shop. But ... what can you say about a shop I ask myself? Hopefully I'll improve at this technique. Sort of talking to myself. Or maybe someone out there will click on me and think 'Oh no ... a newby!' Yep that's what I am at the mo.

So anyway, I hope to talk about how I scrounge around for my little treasures called 'stock'. How I rummage in dusty car boots and wave my arms around in dingy auctions. I think I prefer the nice organised antique fairs cos they specialise in what I'm looking for.

I started a couple of years ago selling vintage tableware and it's just developed from there. I'm slowly becoming an amateur 'antique-ified' person.

Of course I do other things too - like being a wife, a mother - oh and writing a book which I hope to print on the new ebook thingy - obviously will need lots of help sorting that one - that's where gadget husband comes in handy.

Ok enough for now as I haven't decided where this is going yet. I'll be back with more trivia soon when I know what I should actually be saying here. I suppose I'll get on to telling you all about my stock and things like that. catvic

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